Tracey Curtis-Taylor - Solo Farnborough-Sydney Flight

By Grahame Hutchison on Saturday, 9th January 2016

What an historic occasion at Sydney Airport today, with Tracey Curtis-Taylor completing the 21,000km journey in her open cockpit vintage biplane. Tracey flew from Farnborough in Great Britain, to Sydney Australia, in her Boeing Stearman B75N1 N56200 (757813) named "Spirit of Artemis", which was built in 1943. She retraced pioneer aviator Amy Johnson's 1930 flight, flying over 23 countries and making around 50 refuelling stops. The final Australian leg of the flight took Tracey to Darwin, Tennant Creek, Uluru, Woomera, Griffith, RAAF Richmond, and finally to Sydney International Airport.

Tracey said,"when you first start flying in an open cockpit it feels quite hostile, its noisy, there is a lot of vibration from the radial engine, you're windswept, exposed to the sun, and you get thrown around in the turbulence - but it's the only type of flying I want to do now. I think what Amy achieved was one of the greatest solo feats in history".

Tracey will now be taking a break to enjoy what Sydney has to offer, and will then travel to New Zealand to visit her mother. On the other hand, the Stearman's wings will be removed, and the aircraft shipped back to Boeing in Seattle as soon as possible, where it will be prepared for Tracey to fly across America, to mark Boeing's 100th anniversary.


Tracey Curtis-Taylor Landing At Sydney Airport

Hangar Interview With Tracey Curtis-Taylor


After commencing her solo flight in October 2015, and flying over 23 countries, Tracey Curtis-Taylor every so gently

touches down on Runway 34R at Sydney International Airport

It's a long taxi back to the DOM5 Corporate Apron from Runway 34R, and this is the last 50 metres of her journey

Tracey's Boeing Stearman N56200 "Spirit Of Artemis" sits quietly outside the Execujet Hangar after a journey of 13,000 miles

N56200 parked in the Execujet hangar as the centre piece of the celebrations

Cheers and congratulations Tracey, your solo flight was an amazing accomplishment

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and talk with Tracey, and hear about her epic journey. A well deserved

congratulations and glass of champagne to mark the occasion.

The Australian Women Pilots Association (AWPA) awarded Tracey honorary membership of their Association for 2016.

The certificate reads, "Congratulations Tracey on a wonderful achievement".

N56200 "Spirit Of Artemis" is a Boeing B75N1 Stearman built in 1943 (Serial Number 757813)

The engine is a Lycoming nine cylinder radial, which was accepted on the 18th June 1943

The variable pitch propellor assembly

Full details of the Lycoming Aviation R-680 Engine

From every angle, the Spitit Of Atremis is a gleaming and beautifully maintained aircraft

Tail mounted GoPro Hero 4 with cables back to the cockpit, and there was another camera on the port wing.

No doubt some stunning images would have been captured during this flight.

This shot gives an impression of what Tracey's view looked like from the rear cockpit

Not a lot of room in either cockpit, and the aircraft frame is covered in fabric. The rear cockpit sticker says, "Solo Flight From Rear Cockpit Only".

A well deserved glass of champagne to celebrate the end of an amazing 13,000 mile journey.


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