Sydney Airport Runway Run 2015

By Grahame Hutchison on Saturday, 28th November 2015

Update: 22/01/2016 The Sydney Airport Christmas Giving Appeal raised $287,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), with all funds raised going towards helping sick kids and their families. Full Media Release


In a first for a major Australian airport, Sydney Airport today closed Runway 16L/34R between 3pm and 4pm for a Runway Run in support of Ronald Mc Donald House Charities. The Ronald Mc Donald House Charities volunteers and supporters, assembled in the Blue Emu Car Park, before boarding buses and heading out to the runway. Competition would be strong today, as special guest runner, two times World Champion, and four times Commonwealth Champion, Jana Pittman, would be competing.

From the Blue Emu Car Park, the buses headed out onto General Holmes Drive, and then into Foreshore Road, before going airside at the ARFF Fire Station East. A Security Exclusion Zone had been put in place across Taxiways Bravo 10 and Lima, and then out onto Runway 16L for its entire length. The runners were dropped off at the 16L Threshold for the start of the 500 metre sprint down the runway. Jana Pittman and her daughter Emily led the pack all the way to the finish, where there was time for some fun photographs with Ronald McDonald, and the mascots from the Blue Emu Car Park and Sydney Swans. After the event was over, the buses were given a water cannon salute by an ARFF Tender as we passed the Fire Station.

Sydney Airport is holding a number of events in the leadup to Christmas in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities, including a "Giving Tree" in Terminal 1 and a VIP Lunch in the Hawker Pacific Hangar. The Sydney Airport Corporation also donated $10,000 to kick off the appeal.


Jana Pittman and daughter Emily meeting Ronald McDonald in the Blue Emu Car Park before the event

Jana and Emily before the start


All ready to go at the starting line

Get Ready, Get Set, GO !

And they are off and running in the Runway 16L 500 metre sprint

It looks like Emily enjoyed the sprint

Jana and Emily leading the way to the finish line

And Jana wins by a stroller length

The competitors took the opportunity for some fun photographs with Ronald Mc Donald and the mascots

A group photograph on the grooved runway

Jana Pittman talking to the media after the race - Sydney Tower in the background

Sydney Airport Corporation CEO Kerrie Mather tells the media about the fund raiser

Taking the opportunity to sit on the Runway 16L centreline

ATC: Traffic is a helicopter 1km to the east, Runway 16L clear to land

All the runners were awarded chocolate gold medallions for their effort

Blue Emu Car Park and Sydney Swans mascots with Sydney Tower in the background



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