Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Delivery Flight

By Grahame Hutchison on Friday, 20th October 2017

Today saw the delivery of the first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for Qantas, arriving early this morning from Everett via Honolulu. B789 VH-ZNA performed a fly-by over Sydney Harbour before landing on Runway 16L at Sydney Airport, and then taxiing to Qantas Hangar 96 for a formal welcome ceremony. The general public were asked to submit names for the Qantas Dreamliners, and Great Southern Land was chosen for the first aircraft. After the Dreamliner was towed into the hangar, and the officials exited via the stairs, Australian band Icehouse appeared from on board and performed their anthemic 1982 song "Great Southern Land" with the didgeridoo as part of the group - it sounded great. The inspiration for the song "Great Southern Land" came to Icehouse front-man Iva Davies, as his Qantas flight crossed the country's red centre.


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After completing a fly by of Sydney Harbour, VH-ZNA approached Runway 16L at Sydney Airport, passing directly overhead Hangar 96 where the official welcome was to be held.

This is the track VH-ZNA followed when it reached Sydney

The wheels of Qantas' first Boeing Dreamliner finally pull up at the Qantas Jet Base in Sydney

The Australian Flag and Registration on a wet but very polished aircraft

Qantas are using the General Electric GEnx engine, the same as Jetstar

The Spirit Of Australia starts a new Dreamliner era

The fuselage and tyres were still wet from the 4-5km taxi back to Hangar 96

Not a lot of room to spare in Hangar 96 for the Dreamliner (63m in length with a 60m wingspan)

The silver stripe of the Qantas "New Era" livery and rear port cabin door

No mistaking that VH-ZNA is a Boeing Dreamliner


One of the Qantas Cabin Crew opens the Dreamliner door for the first time in Australia

Qantas Captain Lisa Norman raises her hat to the waiting crowd - a big smile as well

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce acknowledges the welcoming crowd of Qantas Employees & Family, and the Media

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and Head Of International & Freight Gareth Evans thank the Dreamliner Crew


Over 1,000 people were in attendance in Hangar 96 for the official welcome

Selfies in front of the brand new Qantas B787-9 Dreamliner

The Dreamliner's wing is a work of art, long, slim and highly efficient

The chevrons on the back of the General Electric GEnx engine significantly reduce noise, and the engine is 20% more fuel efficient than previous generation airliners

The flying Kangaroo finally appears on a Boeing Dreamliner


VH-ZNA was glowing in Hangar 96

Dreamliner flaps, flaperons and ailerons framing the Qantas Dreamliner tail

The massive General Electric GEnx engine

The nose of VH-ZNA tucked away at the back of the hangar

There were plenty of photographs and selfies taken on these steps this morning

The Delivery Flight Cabin Crew having an official photograph taken


Security keeping an eye on things


Plenty of discussion about the Dreamliner going on here after the welcome event




Qantas Dreamliner VH-ZNA up close - Great Southern Land



The nose gear of VH-ZNA

Icehouse relaxing after their performance this morning

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