Family Fun Runway Run 2018

By Grahame Hutchison on Sunday, 25th November 2018

Today's Family Fun Runway Run at Sydney airport in support of Cure Cancer Australia was the best event so far, with 250 runners participating. As well as the 100m, 500m, 1km, and 2km Relay races, there were Jumping Castles, Face Painting, an ARFF Fire Tender, AFP Sniffer Dog Demonstration, an Air Ambulance Beech King Air, and Christina Bernardi and Elle Bennetts from the AFL Giants Team. MC Katie Williams did an amazing job, leading the "Warm Up" and keeping energy levels high throughout the event. A 500m section of Runway 25 was used for the run, with commercial aircraft arriving and departing on the crossing Runway 16 as a backdrop. Congratulations to Sydney Airport and Cure Cancer Australia for organising such a fantastic event. The Runway Run launches the Airport's Christmas Giving Appeal, which raised over $400,000 last year for Cure Cancer, funding vital cancer research.


AFL Giants players Christina Bernardi and Elle Bennetts jumping high on Runway 25

This is Sydney Airport's Runway 25 with the Airservices Australia Control Tower in the background - Runway 25 means the runway is aligned to 250 degrees on the compass

The two airport Safety Cars and cones mark the end of the 500m Runway Run course

Runway Run Santa was on hand for the children, and some of the adults

Face Painting was very popular with the children

Runway Run MC Katie Williams interviews some of the children

Santa's Throne, a nice place to relax before the serious racing starts

There's always time for some Social Media snaps with #hashtags #curecancer #SYDChristmasAppeal

The Jumping Castle was a big hit with the younger children 

Last chance for a water bottle or maybe a Latte or Cappuccino before the race starts

Airservices Australia Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) had their Rosenbauer Fire Tender 1 on hand, and during the races they gave a demonstration of its capabilities

I can just hear this little boy saying "Please turn the water on", and then we would really see some competitors racing

The Ambulance Service Of New South Wales had Beech 300C King Air VH-NAO open for inspection

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) brought along one of their sniffer dogs trained in firearms and explosives detection

After sniffing all eight buckets, the dog very quickly settled on the correct one

MC Katie Williams interviewing Elle Bennetts from the AFL Giants Team

MC Katie Williams interviewing Christina Bernardi from the AFL Giants Team

AFL Giants players Elle Bennetts and Christina Bernardi

The American Airlines Running Team were competing today, following a successful Thanks Giving fund raiser during the week for Cure Cancer Australia

Carol Thomas came all the way from Chicago to compete in this year's Runway Run. Aged 73, Carol worked at American Airlines for 41 years, and this will be her 27th Runway Run at airports all over the world

Carol had a great time catching up with the American Airlines Running Team

Things are starting to get serious race wise, and now it's time for the all important warm up exercises, led by MC Katie Williams, Santa, and one of the Elves

Runners following MC Katie Williams lead during the Warm Up

Time to head out to Runway 25 and the Runway Run - participants walk from the DOM5 Corporate Jet Apron, across the DOM6 Apron, and out onto Runway 25 for the first time

The last few runners make their way out onto Runway 25 before the races commence

Whether it was psyching your self up, or preparing your iPhone for some Runway Run selfies, the starting horn was about to sound

And their off, competing today in 100m, 500m, 1km, and 2km relay races

What a champion, enjoying the excitement of the race - He participated in the individual races and did one leg of the 2km relay

MC Katie Williams cheering the competitors on

Heading for the finish line, some smiles and some pain

Looking relaxed and happy during the run

The 100m race for children

And it's First, Second .....

Happy to be breaking the finish line tape

Absolute joy at the finish line

Finish line at last

No matter the age, everyone could compete and have fun

It's a thumbs up for a great result from Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert

73 year old Carol Thomas from Chicago made up the fourth member of this 2km relay team

Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert and Carol Thomas from Chicago give the Runway Run the thumbs up

Relaxing after the race, with the Emirates Boeing B777-300ER in the background

Relaxing after the races, with hundreds of millions of dollars in Corporate Jets parked in the background

Some very happy runners after the race

Everyone was waving at the helicopter with Seth Jaworski taking aerial shots of the Runway Run

Why not - Star jumps on the Runway 25 Threshold - Can't do that every day

Cleared for takeoff on Runway 25

It's not every day you can give Runway 25 the thumbs up

Just happy to sit quietly on Runway 25 at Sydney Airport

Exhausted or just having fun, what a runway experience

Here's one happy aircraft departing Runway 25

I think I could run that race again - Well, maybe next year

73 year old Carol Thomas from Chicago completes her 27th Runway Run

Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert congratulated everyone who participated in today's Runway Run and thanked the community for its continued generosity

General Manager Corporate Affairs at Sydney Airport Sally Fielke presenting a trophy to one of the winners

Cure Cancer CEO Nikki Kinloch presenting a trophy to one of the winners

Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert with the winning Relay Race Team

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